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    Product Name: Bi-metal bushing

    Bi-metal Bushing:

    The Bi-Metal Bushing is composed of bronze material as inner layer and tough steel material as outer layer.

    The strong and tough steel material as outer layer reinforces the Bi-Metal Bushing, enable to extend Bi-Metal Bushing's life cycle, and improve job quality.

    It is not only can replace high price of all bronze Bushing but also reduce the production cost.

    Bronze Bushing:

    It is made of bronze,mold pressed under high pressure and then sintered under high temperature, and oil is soaked into the homogeneously spread tiny pores of the metal under vaccum.

    Composite bushing:

    Backed with low-carbon steel with porous bronze sintered on it and polymers(POM) imbedded into the bores of the bronze.


    Oilite bushings:

    Oil Sintered Bronze bushings are all self-lubricating and maintenance free. The sintered bronze bushings consist of a porous bronze matrix impregnated with lubricant. The permissible sliding velocity for sintered bronze bushings is very high, which makes the bushings suitable for rotating applications

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